John Guerrero

John Guerrero, B.S., M.A

My Background:

I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Pastoral Ministry from Arlington Baptist University in 2008. When I graduated from college my dream was to go into ministry full time and to work as a leader in the church for my whole career. Instead, in the absence of actual opportunities in that world, I stepped into a career field about which I knew almost nothing. I became a Juvenile Probation Officer shortly after graduating and quickly discovered my passion for helping youth and families find health and success.

For the last eleven years I have worked for multiple agencies and organizations as a helping professional – as a probation officer, a juvenile mentor, and as a family specialist for a non-profit organization. Two years ago I pursued and obtained an alternative teacher certification and became a certified teacher. I decided to step into this role for the purpose of localizing my efforts at reaching youth strictly in my community. As a part of this profession I have attended many different workshops and seminars in order to learn how to better communicate with, lead, and have a positive impact on students of every age. Now, as a high school Spanish teacher, I get to form relationships with students on regular basis, get involved in their day-to-day lives and struggles, provide guidance as needed, and invest in their futures in tangible ways.

In my pursuit of a graduate degree in counseling now, I am working towards a long-time dream of becoming a professional counselor. Throughout my years of working with youth and families, I always wanted to be able to increase my knowledge and training in order to be able to assist people even more. I want to continue in the helping profession so that I can provide services to youth and their families that will help turn their lives around and give them a better future.

My Professional Goals

An Independent Counseling Practice

My goal is to become a fully licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and to have an independent counseling practice in my rural community. In my small town I see the need for counseling services to help people with family problems, addictions, legal trouble, and direction for the future, but many people in my area cannot afford private counseling. I want to operate a counseling center that is funded by grants, contracts, and insurance.

Expertise with Youth & Families

I have worked with at-risk and families for over a decade, and I want to continue that work well into my future as a professional counselor. Helping families to become healthy and whole is my passion. I want to become an expert in the area of adolescents, family relationships. conflict resolution, and trauma-informed care so that I can help schools, administrators, and teachers – those who work with you more than anyone else – understand how to better help and relate to them. I also want to be the go-to resource in my community in this field of need.

A Valuable Resource for Schools

Schools are a central part of a child’s life, and teachers and administrators play a big part in their wellbeing and overall success for the future. I want to partner with schools to implement programs and interventions that will help students with behavior, mental health, making good choices, peer pressure, substance abuse, and a positive vision for their future.

“Self-reflection is the school of wisdom.”

Baltasar Gracian

My Personal Strengths

I believe very strongly in the importance of self-reflection when it comes to achieving health, discovering a purpose, and finding success in life. Because of this belief, I have spent considerable time examining my strengths and identifying the areas where I feel particularly gifted. I have listed here the three most important strengths that I’ve identified about my own personality in terms of what I can offer in counseling.

  • COMPASSIONATE – I feel a genuine concern for people’s well-being, and I strive to be present and to express my understanding to each and every person and their story.
  • ACCEPTING – Everyone has a story and sometimes those stories involve guilt, shame, pain, or regret. I desire to be accepting of all people regardless of their background, beliefs, or brokenness. Every person has a right to equal care.
  • PURPOSEFUL – I am committed to helping people find solutions to their problems and walking with them through that process. I want my counseling to be intentional in that we focus on what really matters and operate with concrete goals in mind.