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Clarifying Our Dreams

It’s not a modern idea or mantra, but it does seem like these days it comes up pretty often, especially in Christian circles. It’s the idea of chasing dreams – having a vision for your life, dreaming big things, taking big bold moves and pursuing your radical purpose. It is something that we are encouragedContinue reading “Clarifying Our Dreams”


John Guerrero, B.S., M.A

I’m John

I’ve spent the last 12 years working with youth and families in many different ways – in juvenile justice, mentoring, counseling, and education – and I’m now working towards a degree and a license as a professional counselor and school counselor, so that I can continue providing help and support to the families in my community.

I care about helping families to discover the skills and strategies to be healthy and successful. I care about equipping people of all ages with the skills they need to overcome their struggles and discover a thriving life. I care about kids, about teens, and about parents – people who may need guidance or encouragement as they work through the challenges of life and find abundance on the other side.

My Professional Goals

An Independent Counseling Practice

My goal is to become a fully licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and to have an independent counseling practice in my rural community. In my small town I see the need for counseling services to help people with family problems, addictions, legal trouble, and direction for the future, but many people in my area cannot afford private counseling. I want to operate a counseling center that is funded by grants, contracts, and insurance.

Expertise with Youth & Families

I have worked with at-risk and families for over a decade, and I want to continue that work well into my future as a professional counselor. Helping families to become healthy and whole is my passion. I want to become an expert in the area of adolescents, family relationships. conflict resolution, and trauma-informed care so that I can help schools, administrators, and teachers – those who work with you more than anyone else – understand how to better help and relate to them. I also want to be the go-to resource in my community in this field of need.

A Valuable Resource for Schools

Schools are a central part of a child’s life, and teachers and administrators play a big part in their wellbeing and overall success for the future. I want to partner with schools to implement programs and interventions that will help students with behavior, mental health, making good choices, peer pressure, substance abuse, and a positive vision for their future.

“Self-reflection is the school of wisdom.”

Baltasar Gracian

My Personal Strengths

I believe very strongly in the importance of self-reflection when it comes to achieving health, discovering a purpose, and finding success in life. Because of this belief, I have spent considerable time examining my strengths and identifying the areas where I feel particularly gifted. I have listed here the three most important strengths that I’ve identified about my own personality in terms of what I can offer in counseling.

  • COMPASSIONATE – I feel a genuine concern for people’s well-being, and I strive to be present and to express my understanding to each and every person and their story.
  • ACCEPTING – Everyone has a story and sometimes those stories involve guilt, shame, pain, or regret. I desire to be accepting of all people regardless of their background, beliefs, or brokenness. Every person has a right to equal care.
  • PURPOSEFUL – I am committed to helping people find solutions to their problems and walking with them through that process. I want my counseling to be intentional in that we focus on what really matters and operate with concrete goals in mind.