I am John Guerrero.

I am married to Erin and we have a baby boy named Jude Alexander. We live in a small town in Texas where we serve our church in various ways, primarily leading the children’s ministry. I am a Family Specialist for a non-profit and I spend a lot of time working with and counseling youth and families.

Because of my work and my experience with families over the past seven years, one of my passions is helping families grow stronger and healthier. It is my prayer that God will use me to lead parents and kids to find wholeness in Christ.

I graduated in 2008 from Arlington Baptist College and in May 2012 from Liberty University. I have always aspired to be a pastor but so far God has had a different plan and has placed me on a more unconventional path.

I am just an average guy trying to make a difference in my small town by impacting the lives of the people around me. I write because I want to inspire, encourage, teach, and share Jesus with whoever will listen.

I am available for speaking engagements and have preached many times over the last few years in various locations. Please contact me at johnguerrero21@gmail.com if interested.


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    • It is a picture from Corpus actually. My wife and went there last year on vacation. I actually live about a hundred miles northwest of San Antonio in small town off of I 10 called Junction. Do you live in Texas too?

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